Cimberio with STIPA for Italian Prime Minister Renzi visit.

July 20, 2016

Milan, July 20th  2016 – Cimberio, a worldwide leader in the production of valves and brass components for the thermoidraulic sector, yesterday has received the visit of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Premier Renzi, welcomed by the President Mr. Renzo Cimberio and C.E.O Mr. Roberto Cimberio, has been invited at the presentation of the SmartCim project, first prototype of an integrated system remotely controlled  which allows costs savings and reduces harmful emissions into the environment. 

Cimberio has appointed Stipa to set up the event and in only 72 hours Stipa have designed and implemented the architectonical and graphic projects.

“Prime Minister presence today here - claimed Mr. Renzo Cimberio- has been for us not only the occasion to have a very important person visiting our company but also the achievement of 60 years spent spreading Italian quality around the world. Made in Italy means believing in our country without relocating. It is not only about quality but also the ability to take technology and creativity to the highest level”.

Cimberio is grateful to Stipa for the way the event has been managed and implemented.

Stipa CEO, Mr. Sandro Stipa, said “ it is the first time that we set up a podium for a Prime Minister. I want to thank my team and I am proud that  our company is capable of expressing its strength with commitment and professionalism”.