SAP NOW: 16.000 sqm, 3.000 attendees, 100 workshops and 90 sponsor brands

Nov. 25, 2019

For the event SAP Now, Hi-Comm, an Imageware company with professional experience in the organization of events, chooses again Stipa for the 2019 edition at FieraMilanoCity. 

SAP NOW 2019 MILANO PROF (8)-web.jpg

What are the technologies and innovations that support digital transformation to compete in the experience economy?
Since 1998, Stipa is  a SAP partner to set up the SAP NOW event in Hall 3 of FieraMilanoCity, where experts and protagonists of the experience economy bring their contribution to highlight SAP ability to bring innovation to all levels thanks to a wise use of innovative technologies.

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More than 100 parallel workshop and 60 customer testimonials about the experience economy took place this year: today all the suppliers of services and goods are called to listen to the intentions, the feelings, the customer needs to meet their expectations. Considering that the consumer is now permanently connected to the internet with various devices, the user experience becomes the real differentiating factor. Sap presented all its best solutionsto be an intelligent enterprise in the experience economy, that is a company able to understand the emotions, thoughts and actions of its customers, employees and partners making use of the most appropriate technologies.

The Plenary has been set up in the center of the pavilion, where two opposite screens connected by a large platform hosted the most important interventions and entertainment shows.

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8 theaters have made it possible the direction of several contemporary workshops and many thematic booths distributed in the 16.000 sqm of the event have guaranteed the right space for the 90 brand sponsors of the event.

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