Study, design, creation.
Every step, every detail, every phase.
In first person.

Whether it's for tradeshows, shops, showrooms, installations, facilities for roadshows, conferences or conventions, Stipa follows the project from the concept to the installation, making use of the key points of its corporate philosophy: precision and punctuality.

Some data:

More than 350 projects created every year.
Presence in over 100 national and international trade fairs every year.
Presence in over 50 events every year.
Presence in 20 locations worldwide.

Stands for fairs and exhibitions
Cutting-edge architecture and innovative materials are the basis on which the design team creates the exhibition space. Colors and shapes are perfect interpreters of clients' mission. Greeting and dynamism are the foundation on which the stand will raise. Afterward, Stipa will handle construction and transport, thanks to a team of experts and qualified people in every area, from carpentry to joinery, from digital printing to painting, from lighting to furniture.


Architectural solutions.
For every kind of space.
Outdoor included.

Stipa is going along with its clients for fifty years during indoor and outdoor events. Temporary structures, installations, conventions. Stipa designs and installs, builds and delivers, sets up. Constantly following the customer's needs and event guidelines.

Exhibitions and Museums

Simplicity, design.
The keys to an excellent exhibition.

Whether temporary or permanent, an exhibition space of this caliber requires full compliance with the concept, the location, the client's needs. Thanks to the great experience in exhibition business, Stipa is the key to dealing with the peculiarities of the galleries, historic buildings, exhibitions.

Showrooms and shops

Communicate and engage.
In just one space.

Furniture, components, structures: Stipa realizes shops, showrooms, flagship stores and "plug and play" corners with any kind of construction work and systems. The client's brand is the backbone of spaces and furnishings, the space is aimed at direct communication and wow effect, at involvement and hospitality.